Friday, June 30, 2006

Indian Postal Service ..Amazing!!

I went to post an Letter Weighing 290 gms today to Post Office.

I was surprised !! :

Normal Letter Postal charges for 290 gms is Rs. 75.00...
  • slow, un-registered, no tracking..
The postal guy suggested me to goto the Speed Post counter, as it might charge less, I was surprised, but as he said the charges were :

Domestic Tariff( As on 30th June-2006)

Weight Local Upto 200 Kms 201 to 1000 Kms 1001 to 2000 Kms Above2000 Kms
Upto 200 Gms Rs. 20 Rs. 25 Rs. 30 Rs. 50 Rs. 50
201 to 500 Gms Rs. 20 Rs. 40 Rs, 45 Rs. 60 Rs. 60
Additional 500 Gms or Part Rs. 5 Rs.7.5 Rs. 10 Rs. 20 Rs. 25

So I did the Speed Post of my Article which was infact 1 book we were giving as gift to some of our relatives on their birthday !!

The charges were Rs. 45.00 + Taxes = Rs. 50.00 only
  • Fast Delivery(All my Speed Posts tell date reached either 2nd or 3rd day to Pune from Bangalore).
  • Registered
  • Tracking Facility !!
Cheers !!

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Vidooshak said...

This was revealing. No wonder the postal department wants to ban private courier companies from handling document couriers!!!

It is time the Indian government got out of the colonial mindset and let the cash-cows go feed themselves :-)