Thursday, June 08, 2006


So here you have a Indian version of Its called as I have been thinking about this kind of service in india for long ..& now its here for everybody to use FREE !!..The venture is from ..Appreciate their efforts in this area.

Its kind of exactly the same way PayPal works. So whoever have used PayPal, they know that it is good way of exchanging money faster.The service launch was done by Amitabh Bachchan(Our Bollywood Hero of all times !!).

These are the following uses & advantages of using this service. I will try to use this soon & let all know about it !! :

Uses of

Send money to anyone
Receive money from anyone
Make payments to businesses
Pay for online shopping
Pay utility bills
Store money online

Advantages of

Safe and Secure to use
Financial details are protected
Beyond Credit Cards
Use any bank account
Instant transfers
Free Sign-Up

So technology ideas are being imported from West now !! ..I heard Sabir Bhatia(Hotmail guy !!) is coming with a VOIP Service in India ..will dig out more on that...

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