Monday, June 12, 2006

Experince with Indian Postal Services

Today I had a good & bad experience with Indian Postal Service (

I have always had good experience with Indian Postal Service recently, as the service levels are improved now as compared to earlier what I have seen.

But today I was shocked to see how they behave. I went to post office for sending 1 letter by Speed Post to Pune. Normally it costs only Rs. 30(even as per website that is correct), but today he charged me Rs.50+6=56.00 for the same letter which was just 26 gms. The reason given to me was that the system is showing thay way :( ..What can I say in front of the dumb computer or even the person sitting next to me. As I was in hurry I did not say anything & paid Rs.56 & got my thing posted as it was urgent.

Later when I got time, I called the Speed Post Manager(Yes there is something like this !!) at GPO & he admitted that this is a mistake :) ..So that's the good part that somebody listed in their website picks up the phone & answers too :) ..He said send me a letter 7 I will refund Rs. 26 back to you ..great what a service. He also mentioned me that send a letter w/o stamp on it & it will be served.

Once my letter reach the destination I will lodge the complaint & see what happens.

As all know that the Minister of Communications & IT is doing good for quite some time & it really feels good that things are changing...But still lot to be done to the people level & make feel more better when they interact with Govt depts ...

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