Thursday, June 01, 2006

Downtime !!

I have some guests visitng us tomorrow. I was trying to look at their Train schedule real-time with the help of Unfortuently the website is down & I am not sure whether the Train is delayed or running on time.

The website is a very good & I have used it many times to spot the Train really provides very accurate information. But when its down, what can we do !!

Its very important in this Internet world to maintain the systems/software in order to have them up & running 27x7x365 !! ..Its tough job ..but there are couple of examples I would like to take ..e.g. How many times you tried accessing your Yahoo or Google email & the website was down ? ..No way even if you get sometimes message that there is some issues & it will be corrected. Next minute you try to access & you are in !!

Its quite late now & I need to get up early to pickup guests from Train Station. I woul need to call the Indian Railawys call center tomorrow morning to check the status now :(

good night !!

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