Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Attending Oracle 10g Admin-II Workshop

Attending Oracle 10g Admin-II Workshop, which is for 4 days, started
yesterday. Its interesting to learn the new stuff(10g) & try to
compare it with old stuff(7,8i,9i) !!

Lot of new things in Oracle 10g Database. DBAs job looks like made
simple...but it is not !!

Conceptually many things are new & needs lot of hands-on before you
can claim that you know them ...

Many things to do with Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g...

In last 2 days, learned following :

1. Backup & Recovery(RMAN)
2. Flashback Database ..nice feature
3. DB Corruption - Identification & correction techniques
4. Using EM 10g

Still lot more to go ...using EM 10g is good experience, but many
things sometimes do not work properly as expected(e.g. I was trying
Password Authentication for Listener & it was not working as expected)
..Will try to figure out tomorrow...

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