Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spicejet Experince :(

Today I was happy that Spicejet, one of the Low Cost Carriers in India announced 21000 seats for all sectors for Rs. 99/-. The Website was not working entire day.

I was happy as I wanted to travel after one month to Pune for a short visit ....

My Happiness did not last long as the website was not working entire day :(

I called the Call Center twice & they said for this fare you need to book using Internet only. I followed them & tried accessing website entire day ..

When till evening I did not access to the Booking page http://www.spicejet.com. To my surprise I saw a Message on the first page of website : "Anniversary Red Hot Special
Offer is now Over" ..Who took the 21000 seats when the website was not working at all entire day ...

I called the call center immediatly & they say with Sorry that the offer is over as they sold the tickets over phone as the website was not working & they had pressure from customers for booking ...

Questions in mind :

Why did they not update the Website saying that customer can book via Phone(toll free number)

Is it a professional business code of conduct to do this for their customers...

This is not a good practice at all...lakhs of people wasted thei time in trying to access the website & could not get thru it all ..Only few lucky ones who called the Call Center were able to book tickets ..again only those who called after 12 noon...as before noon they did no accept booking over phone for the offer.

I was disappointed at the end of the day & felt very bad about the airline. I was very positive about this SpiceJet always & wish they could grow with good business practices.

I would try to search internet more about these airlines(low cost) experince..

Anyways ...day is over & I am back to my home playing with my 1.5 year old daughter !!

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