Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quote of the Day !!

Quote: It's only when the tide goes out that you discover who's been swimming naked: Warren Buffett. Its interesting to read more about Warren in Wiki.

This quote came in one of the Indian Mutual Fund Magazines I read sometimes.The magazine is online at ValueRearchOnline.

The quote is quite interesting & very true for the stock markets. With the recent fall in Indian Stock Market. Checkout the FALL !!..It was quite amazing to see that how the stock markets performs & sometimes I feel that no one can really predict its behaviour !!.

Many people lost their faith as well as money in Indian Stock Market in last 1 month as it crashed. Mostly people with short-term perspective are worried & atleast for time being stopped playing with it or doing very less transactions...

Lot of people including me had very positive outlook towards stock market & also were having too much expectations from the market given the fact that it had given good Run for good 1 year : BSE Bull Run for 1 Year

Anyone who invested in last 3-4 months got into trouble & saw -ve returns.

I feel that if one is invested for long(atleast 1 year) in the Equity Market in good fundamental stocks & 5* rates Mutual Funds. It would be good & there is no worry if you have reasonable expectations !!..I know how it feels when you see -ve returns with your money.

Again I would like to quote this :)

"Mutual Funds are subject to market Risk"

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