Monday, May 29, 2006

eBook !! ..Great way to go !!

eBook cought my attention when I first saw Apress...Its a great way to share the knowlege & save some $$ so that you can buy more books for more knowledge :)

Its a debate whether books gives you knowledge. We always presume that it does. Even I feel it does when we read it & also try to implement it, it is possible ..specially for technical topics.

btw ..I am still reading the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle seems good till now..that means that I have not lost interest in it :)

So folks ..go & buy(yes pls buy) eBooks if you get it from your publisher & enjoy reading them...

Weather in Bangalore is great now a days !! ..I don't feel like working in weather like this..would love to go for a long drive ;)

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