Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Email Blogging !!

Blogging is made easier with Email Blogging. I was just talking to a
friend of mine who just lives next door on Google Talk :) ..He just
mentioned me this & I am trying this.

Quote of the Day !!

Quote: It's only when the tide goes out that you discover who's been swimming naked: Warren Buffett. Its interesting to read more about Warren in Wiki.

This quote came in one of the Indian Mutual Fund Magazines I read sometimes.The magazine is online at ValueRearchOnline.

The quote is quite interesting & very true for the stock markets. With the recent fall in Indian Stock Market. Checkout the FALL !!..It was quite amazing to see that how the stock markets performs & sometimes I feel that no one can really predict its behaviour !!.

Many people lost their faith as well as money in Indian Stock Market in last 1 month as it crashed. Mostly people with short-term perspective are worried & atleast for time being stopped playing with it or doing very less transactions...

Lot of people including me had very positive outlook towards stock market & also were having too much expectations from the market given the fact that it had given good Run for good 1 year : BSE Bull Run for 1 Year

Anyone who invested in last 3-4 months got into trouble & saw -ve returns.

I feel that if one is invested for long(atleast 1 year) in the Equity Market in good fundamental stocks & 5* rates Mutual Funds. It would be good & there is no worry if you have reasonable expectations !!..I know how it feels when you see -ve returns with your money.

Again I would like to quote this :)

"Mutual Funds are subject to market Risk"

Monday, May 29, 2006

eBook !! ..Great way to go !!

eBook cought my attention when I first saw Apress...Its a great way to share the knowlege & save some $$ so that you can buy more books for more knowledge :)

Its a debate whether books gives you knowledge. We always presume that it does. Even I feel it does when we read it & also try to implement it, it is possible ..specially for technical topics.

btw ..I am still reading the Zen and the Art of Motorcycle seems good till now..that means that I have not lost interest in it :)

So folks ..go & buy(yes pls buy) eBooks if you get it from your publisher & enjoy reading them...

Weather in Bangalore is great now a days !! ..I don't feel like working in weather like this..would love to go for a long drive ;)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Where can I find help on Oracle !!

I found this good post by Jeff Hunter on his blog !! .. Where Can I Find Help on Oracle(1)

Its a nice one, which talks about how to get help on Oracle when you are stuck on something. I agree with the post & it really works. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel. Make sure that you have enough facts before you start searching for answers with Oracle Community.

There is one more on the same line : Where Can I find Help on Oracle(2)

I have started reading the book : Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. After I saw Tom Kyte's post on it. I make a point to atleast go thru Tom's Blog everyday once. There is always something interesting there !!.

Also in my next post will try to write something about my technical readings in Oracle.

I hope to catch up with lot of reading this weekend as I have 3 days(fri/sat/sun) off instead of usual 2 days(sat/sun) :)

I would also like to find some tool to update the blog in a more easier way ..I know there are enough tools available ..just need to find out which works for me...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spicejet Experince :(

Today I was happy that Spicejet, one of the Low Cost Carriers in India announced 21000 seats for all sectors for Rs. 99/-. The Website was not working entire day.

I was happy as I wanted to travel after one month to Pune for a short visit ....

My Happiness did not last long as the website was not working entire day :(

I called the Call Center twice & they said for this fare you need to book using Internet only. I followed them & tried accessing website entire day ..

When till evening I did not access to the Booking page To my surprise I saw a Message on the first page of website : "Anniversary Red Hot Special
Offer is now Over" ..Who took the 21000 seats when the website was not working at all entire day ...

I called the call center immediatly & they say with Sorry that the offer is over as they sold the tickets over phone as the website was not working & they had pressure from customers for booking ...

Questions in mind :

Why did they not update the Website saying that customer can book via Phone(toll free number)

Is it a professional business code of conduct to do this for their customers...

This is not a good practice at all...lakhs of people wasted thei time in trying to access the website & could not get thru it all ..Only few lucky ones who called the Call Center were able to book tickets ..again only those who called after 12 before noon they did no accept booking over phone for the offer.

I was disappointed at the end of the day & felt very bad about the airline. I was very positive about this SpiceJet always & wish they could grow with good business practices.

I would try to search internet more about these airlines(low cost) experince..

Anyways is over & I am back to my home playing with my 1.5 year old daughter !!

Friday, May 19, 2006

My First Post !!

So finally I started my own blog here !!

Its a cool website just 2 minutes u are on the page to post your own thoughts ..great ..I have been thinking about this for long time ...

Need to continute on this ...